About us

We proudly call ourselves “coffee artisans”.

This primarily means that, in our company, nothing is entrusted exclusively to machines: we assist in-person at every single production process, and we constantly monitor and evaluate the various processing stages. We also individually process and roast every single origin bean that makes up our blends to allow each origin to preserve its own aroma and intrinsic characteristics.

People above all

Care and respect towards people are at the heart of Latorre's day-to-day work. In the 90s Lino Latorre actively contributed to the foundation of a social cooperative in Mexico, which allowed an indigenous community to learn how to independently manage a large coffee plantation. Even today, more than 20 years later, they still grow their own coffee, and they set their own prices and working rules.


Decaffeinated coffee

Our decaffeination is free of chemicals such as waxes and solvents. We use an ancient and proven process that is based on the use of water and steam.

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